Falling In Reverse

so I guess this is only letting me submit to you one at a time, so I’ll just have to spam you xD all photos can be found on my blog

Anonymous asked:
To the other anon, I've applied for Warped Tour the past two years through 4fini, Inc, it's main promoter. This year at Warped I personally met Sierra Lyman, pretty randomly, who suggested I apply to sponsors as well.

Anonymous asked:
Do you know approximately when they are going to release the dates for Warped Tour 2015?

Nope, all I know is that the dates will be announced sometime this fall. I would guess around November, but there is no exact date right now. 

radiovictor asked:
How might one inquire about working for Warped Tour or Vans in general? I'm currently a promotions tech for CBS and also have a marketing degree from one of the top Universities in Florida. I would love to work for a brand that I have a deep rooted passion for. Furthermore, a brand that intertwines with my experience in with media, marketing, and event management.

Right now there are no positions available, as the page says, but check it again in January 2015, that’s when it might be updated for opening positions. You could even send a message through Twitter to Kevin Lyman asking him about it.

Anonymous asked:
You have two jobs? o.o

Yup. I work at Burger King and Spirit Halloween (today was my first day at Spirit and setting up the store blows) 

Of course the halloween store is a seasonal job, so I’ll only have one job after the season’s over. Two jobs is probably gonna suck, but the money’s worth it. I turn 18 next month and I still don’t have a car bc I have to pay for one myself, I wish I got a car on my 16th birthday like almost every 16 year old does lol. My license is pretty much useless right now haha

Also I plan on getting my chest piece done the day of my birthday so two jobs should be able to pay for that. hello two jobs = more money for tattoos

Anonymous asked:
are you gonna post pictures of bands/band members? Like you did last year when you first started this blog

That’s what I’m planning on, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I have two jobs now and just started work today, and when I’m not doing anything, I’m either watching movies and TV all day, or playing an MMO bc I’m lame as fuck

I’ll get to it eventually lol

dead-cities asked:
Do you know anything about people who want to follow warped tour? Or anyone who has followed warped tour? I want to know how i can do this or any tips i should know. Im not in a band, me and a few friends are thinking of following warped next year.

I don’t know much about it, all I know is a lot of bands follow Warped to try and get their name out, sell CDs, etc. But for you, all I can tell you is you’ll need a looot of money. You’ll need a ticket to get in for every venue you go to, so you’ll have to buy multiple tickets, then there’s gas money obviously, money for food, all that good stuff. It’d be super expensive to follow ALL of Warped, I don’t know if you’re planning to follow the entire summer, or just a couple of dates, but I definitely recommend just a couple of dates. 

Warped Tour 2014 is over!

If you guys have any cool photos or videos from Warped, feel free to submit them. This blog probably won’t be getting very many questions anymore until later in the year when Warped 2015 dates/bands start being announced, so any submissions would be great to fill up the blog for a few months. 

Also, Warped 2015 dates will be announced this fall! 

awkwocado asked:
Okay so my ticket is a will call type and I've never had one of these before and if I don't have an Id but I do have a credit card and the email that was sent to me would I be okay?

uh well I don’t know.. I don’t know what site you ordered them from, but Ticketmaster says photo ID and credit card, so.. 

Anonymous asked:
so I scrolled through a lot this blog bc why not, and I saw a picture of you in an ask when someone asked you to post a picture of yourself.. and omfg your eyebrows are perfect can you pls post another picture showing your eyebrows more. this probably sounds really weird but holy shit they're flawless ugh

Haha, well thank you! And it’s not weird, I’ve gotten a shit load of eyebrow compliments before, my eyebrows and I appreciate it :D

But sure, here you go. Two pictures where I’m pulling my bangs back where you can see my eyebrows, there you go, anon haha

Anonymous asked:
How do you get into the photography pit at warped tour, I'm interested in doing so

Check the FAQ, I have the list of requirements for getting the press pass for photography on there. If you’re asking for one of the last shows or something, it’s too late, since it has to be done by a certain date (which was before Warped started, I think) but if you’re asking for next year, then yeah, check the FAQ

Anonymous asked:
random question but im just curious.. do you like Escape the fate or Falling in reverse better?? :3

Escape The Fate